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New roof construction for Cranston properties is not a job for general contractors! Building a roof from the rafters or even the decking up requires expert training and skill, as well as tools and equipment needed to get the job done right.

A new roof structure might also need to incorporate dormers, skylights, and other obstacles. Ensuring proper construction around these add-ons also requires years of professional roofing experience!

For a weathertight roof structure on your house or commercial building, call the pros here at The Cranston Roofers. We offer full-scale roof framing and construction, with a wide variety of name-brand materials designed to last. To get started, give us a call!

Contractors preparing for new roof construction in Cranston.
A contractor performing new roof construction.

What Is Roof Construction for Cranston Properties?

What is the difference between Cranston roof construction and simple repairs? Replacing a few shingles is considered roof repairs, but replacing all your structure’s shingles, tiles, or metal panels is considered roof replacement or construction.

If a roofer needs to tear off and replace underlayment, decking, and other roofing layers, this is also typically considered new construction. This is vital to understand, as you usually don’t need to pull permits or capitalize and depreciate repairs, while most roof construction methods require permits!

New roof installation might also affect your structure’s overall value, more so than repairs. If you still have questions about our roofing services like new roof framing, installation, or construction, contact our office.

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Why Choose Cranston RI Roof Construction versus Repairs

If your structure’s roof is in poor condition, should you invest in Cranston RI roof construction or repairs? Your roofing contractor can help answer that question, but consider if the roof is so old that it’s time to rebuild.

You might also note if the roof needs so many repairs that reroofing would be just as much work, but lasting longer than fixes. A new roof structure might also include dormers for added interior space, skylights, new vents, a better slope for solar panels, and other such features.

If you’re not sure about the right choice for your structure, call The Cranston Roofers. We’re happy to answer your questions about reroofing and roof repairs.

Contractors performing roof replacement in Cranston RI.
A contractor installing new roof framing.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Roof Construction in Cranston?

Since property owners should avoid being on a roof or even a ladder, how do you know when it’s time for Cranston roof construction? Interior water leaks typically indicate severe cracks and other damage, and the need for new roof installation.

You can also examine your roof from the street and check for sagging and unevenness, or lots of buckled shingles. This severe damage also typically means that it’s time for new roof framing and construction.

Here we also offer FREE roof inspections and price quotes for all installation and reroofing services. To find out the condition of your roof, just give us a call!



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Our roofing pros offer a full range of roof repairs and reroofing services, including shingle replacement, metal and clay tile roof installation, and full-scale roof installation. To get started with your FREE roofing price quote, just give us a call.

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