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Tile roofing Cranston by The Cranston Roofers is an excellent investment for your home or commercial structure. A tile roof offers excellent insulation for interior spaces and stunning curb appeal outside your property. Additionally, heavy tile isn’t as likely to blow away in storms as lighter shingles. In turn, you might need roof replacement far less often when you choose durable tile.

If it’s time for reroofing on your property, consider a tile roof replacement option. We have a number of tile selections sure to fit your structure’s appearance and your budget. Also, we’re happy to help you choose the best one for your needs. Our team is also glad to note tile roof disadvantages, as we want you to be happy with that choice.

For all these reasons and more, why not call our tile roofing contractors today? We’re happy to schedule a FREE property inspection and draw up a complete price quote. Our tile roof estimates never include hidden fees or charges! In turn, you have nothing to lose and only a stunning roof to gain by contacting us today.

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How Does Tile Roofing Stack Up Against Other Choices?

While asphalt shingles are still a great choice, tile roofing offers some great benefits to consider! First, thicker tile means more insulation indoors, for lower utility costs. Second, tile is typically considered more durable than asphalt shingles, often lasting 40 or 50 years or more.

Additionally, heavier tiles aren’t as likely to blow away in storms and high winds as shingles, as said. Consequently, while your neighbors are scrambling over repairs after a storm, your roof is likely to stay strong and stable. Also, consider that stone or clay tile offers a much more natural aesthetic than asphalt. Your home can then stand out from the rest when you invest in a tile roof installation.

Lastly, note that tile roofing is sometimes pricier than standard asphalt shingles. However, remember that those tiles also last longer! You might face fewer repairs and new installation costs when you invest in tile. In some cases, a tile roof might be the last roof you ever choose for your property.

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Is It Time for New Tile Roofing in Cranston, Rhode Island?

Now that you know more about tile roofing benefits, you might wonder when it’s time for reroofing services. First, don’t overlook water leaks along your property’s interior ceilings. Second, check for buckled, curled, or otherwise uneven tiles or shingles on the roof. Also, nails in the gutters or along the lawn can indicate shingles or tiles pulling away from the roof itself.

Additionally, remember that roofing materials have an expected lifespan like any other building material. In turn, it’s good to consider a roof inspection once they get near that timeframe. For instance, have shingles checked after 15 or 20 years. Clay and stone tiles need inspections after 30 or 35 years. A professional inspection can note if they’re wearing down and need replacing soon.

Lastly, never hesitate to replace a roof that’s simply unattractive or downright dingy. Property owners are often surprised at how much a new roof affects a structure’s look overall. Tile is especially stunning for Mediterranean, traditional, and craftsman style homes. You’re sure to love your property’s curb appeal when you invest in a tile roof.

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Why We’re #1 for Your New Cranston Tile Roofing

If you’re ready for tile roofing, call The Cranston Roofers. We’re your best choice for both residential and commercial roof installation and repairs. What makes us #1 in the industry?

First, we have some 20 years of experience, ensuring the roofing expertise needed for your project. Second, we only use reputable, reliable roof materials for repairs and reroofing, all backed by a full warranty. Check out our history of five-star reviews to see how happy our clients are with our work!

So, why keep putting off that call to our company? A new tile roof is an excellent investment in your property’s appearance and interior insulation. It’s also a durable choice that lasts! For more information or to get your reroofing project started, reach out to us today.



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Our team is the one to trust for expert, reliable, affordable roofing in Cranston and surrounding cities. We offer FREE inspections and price quotes, and never tack on hidden charges and fees. Additionally, we guarantee all our work to last! Above all, your satisfaction is always our top priority. If you have a question about roofing installation, repairs, or anything else, just ask. In the meantime, check out our blog for more information about all the roofing services you need to have done.

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